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Busy end of year!

Well, not long after starting the blog and website in late October my day job picked up after the usual summer lull.

It was to be expected though, we have been trying to copy data into a new system we want to start using at work and as usual, these things don't always go to plan, you also want to make sure you do a good job!

Needless to say, after a number of late evenings and working a few weekends things are looking good and normal service is being resumed haha, if there is such a thing that can be called "normal service".

I had planned out a number of blog entries to write, some opinion pieces, one of which has missed the opportune moment now (it was related to Cat Person, did you read it?) but I might come back to it. I've got some affiliate links with Amazon to add to that one! Even this morning I read another opinion piece shared by a feminist friend about women who just continue with things even though they aren't enjoying it, be it interactions with male friends or colleagues, a partner, or a sexual encounter. It annoys me that women aren't being honest with themselves and that it creates a "we do it so the man doesn't get annoyed" attitude and things need to change.

From one extreme to another, I have collated some info to write a blog on currency exchanges and a little bit on crypto coins too, there are a few friends and family type links in there. Should probably reach out to one of the big companies in that field for an affiliate link (I'm thinking forex tor or whatever it's called), I've seen some other Spanish/expat websites with a big banner for them and I bet the commissions aren't bad.

There's a few asian places I managed to visit in Madrid so need to write about them, I can do that in one article. None of them were above average from what I recall but it's good for people to know either way.

There's a few Spanish places "the other side of Retiro", an area I rarely see anyone write about which I've quite liked so will write something about that too. Totally different vibe over there and more authentically Spanish, similar to Calle Ponzano in some ways but more about the food than the drinking.

Finally, back in early November 2017, I went to visit some art and photographic exhibitions here, the kinda thing I often do on a Sunday afternoon, followed by a merienda somewhere. I was quite moved and inspired by the Nicholas Nixon exhibition which I think ends this month at Foundation Mapfre. It was well curated and afterwards, I had good croissants at a new place in Plaza Santa Barbara, THAT place (Croissantino) has already closed for good though! It seems to have been bought by Manolo which has opened another branch in their croissant empire at what used to be called pelican rouge in the same plaza! Well in a way I'm glad I didn't post it, or maybe things would have gone differently if I had. 

Even now at the end of January I've come back to a hectic schedule at my day job but now I have a DSLR to take some decent pictures with and I'm trying to focus on blogging what I'm up to and documenting. Sometimes you just need to write SOMETHING as opposed to nothing, helps get the creative juices running!

Below is a sample of a mix of photos taken the last few months on iPhone and the new camera. Use the arrow keys or swipe/tap to view! Let me know what you think and how it is on mobile.  I'll probably put a separate gallery on the site somewhere.